The Evolution of Friendship


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Friendship. As a child it’s begins simply. “You have a doll, I have a doll, want to play together?” Bam. A friendship is born.

Often it’s based on an affinity such as being in the same class, or in college, living in the same house. You can have the most wonderful friendship in college, but when you remove that affinity, does the friendship still stand? The reality is that more often than not, it doesn’t.

Friendship is a two-way street. Sometimes I find myself questioning, “I feel like I’m the one that calls her all the time and initiates things. What would happen if I just stopped calling one day? Would she call me?”

Then you throw in a personal crisis, everyone’s true colors are exposed. For me, this was a three-year season of chronic pain. If you had asked me at the beginning of that season who would be with me through it to the end, I would have confidently given you quite a few names.

Now, three and a half years later, I can tell you that less than half the people withstood the pressures that chronic pain puts on a friendship. (Also, I had a brand new friend who turned out to be one of the most faithful friends. I never would have guessed that since we met only months before I was ill.) In the middle of that season, I was devastated and really mourned the loss of those friendships. When I needed them most, they weren’t there. For many people, pain and suffering is not something they signed-up for and they bail.

It’s only in the last couple months, that I’ve begun to look at the friends who’ve walked with me through both the hills and the valleys and I give thanks. Those faithful girls who’ve seen me at my worst and in that place encouraged, supported and carried me, are so dear to me now. I cherish those friendships all the more.

To be given the gift of a true friend is incredible. I’m so grateful to have those in my life.

How have you seen your friendships evolve?
How have your friendships changed as you’ve grown into adulthood?

Lovin’ Love


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It’s wedding season folks! Starting this evening, I will be attending three weddings in two weeks. I’ve got my dresses picked and presents wrapped. I love weddings. Mostly because I love love.

One of my favorite love songs is “Love Never Fails,” by Brandon Heath. Here are the lyrics below. Might just need to walk down the aisle to this one once I have my prince charming.

Love is not proud
Love does not boast
Love after all
Matters the most

Love does not run
Love does not hide
Love does not keep
Locked inside

Love is the river that flows through
Love never fails you

Love will sustain
Love will provide
Love will not cease
At the end of time

Love will protect
Love always hopes
Love still believes
When you don’t

Love is the arms that are holding you
Love never fails you

When my heart won’t make a sound
When I can’t turn back around
When the sky is falling down
Nothing is greater than this
Greater than this

Love is right here
Love is alive
Love is the way
The truth the life

Love is the river than flows through
Love is the arms that are holding you
Love is the place you will fly to
Love never fails you

Why I Bake


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Photo on 2014-07-13 at 19.31

LOVE baking with this apron from my sweet friend Lynn. Picked-up and brought back for me from her trip to Bruge a few years ago.

In college, I got into a bad habit of being a work-a-holic. My number one most dreaded interview question out of college was, “What are some of your hobbies?” The reality is that I didn’t really have any. I studied, went to work, ate, slept and then repeated.

This is an area that I am still working on.

I’ve always loved to bake. I’m a rule follower, so I prefer baking to the unexpected variations of cooking. I want to know the exact temperature, the exact amount of vanilla and the distinction between cake flour and all-purpose flour. I find a comfort in absolutes. There are so few in this world, that when I can get it, I take it.

It’s also really yummy.

Tonight I made  chocolate chip banana muffins (You can find my go-to recipe here.) I often do this on Sunday nights and freeze them, taking out one when I want in the mornings and warming it in the microwave for 30 seconds. With a latte, this is a breakfast of champions.

Do you like to bake?

I’d love to hear some of your favorite go-to recipes!

Share in the comments below. 


New Office Space



Last week my department at work moved across campus to an adorable little house. I never would have imagined that at age 26 I have an office with a door. Now I need to frame my diploma.

The best part has been getting to decorate my own space. I spend so much time at work anyways, I wanted it to feel like an extension of my home. I’m a big believer in that the space you live and work in affects you. I always make sure to keep the spaces where I live and work, clean, tidy and personalized. In the middle of a hectic work day, I will occasionally glance at a picture of a dear friend and suddenly I have renewed strength to finish the task at hand.

Decorating the office was a project.

First, came Pinterest, but frankly that was just too overwhelming. SO many spaces that I loved!

Eventually, I just picked up pieces as I found them. A tufted love seat, a chair and then for the wall I combined pieces I already owned with printables I found on Etsy.

Here’s how it turned out!



Yellow Lattice Rug / Clear Chair



Etsy Wall Art



Pencil Holder / Lilly Pulitzer Frame (old, but similar one here) /

Desk Calendar (old, but similar one here) / Desk Lamp


Couch / Coffee Table / Curtains


Do you decorate your office space?

What are your tips and tricks?

In Honor of Louie


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Today’s 4th of July post is in honor of Louie Zamperini, an American WWII hero

and an incredibly inspirational man.


I read Louie’s story “Unbroken,” by Laura Hillenbrand two years ago and it had a profound impact on me. Louie was an Olympic runner from Torrance, California who flew in a B-52 bomber in WWII, was tortured and imprisoned at a Japanese internment camp and ultimately a man who found peace and the grace to later go back to Japan and forgive his prison guards. It’s a story of a man who suffered deeply, but who experienced redemption in the sweetest way imaginable.

Louie passed away yesterday and to be honest, I wasn’t sad. I felt thankful for his life, for his story and for the incredible legacy he leaves behind. Today, let’s pause and give thanks for the courageous men and women who fight each and every day for our freedom.

Unbroken is currently being made into a movie and it due in theaters soon. I highly recommend reading the book first. :)


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